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The detection limit is reduced to <100 ppm if the beam current is increased to 100 nA. Barite (BaSO4), chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), pyrrhotite (Fe1−xS) and pyrite (FeS2) are commonly used as standards for sulfur. In most instruments, sulfur analysis is made using a PET crystal on a WDS spectrometer. The concentration of sulfur in the sample is determined by comparing the X-ray intensity of SKα between the sample and standard. , Carroll and Rutherford 1988; Wallace and Carmichael 1992). The relative peak shift can be determined using the WDS spectra of the sample and standard.

Appl Geochem 21:782-787 Bouten P, Hoste J (1962) The determination of sulfur and phosphorus in steel by neutron activation analysis. Anal Chim Acta 27:315-319 Bower NW, Gladney ES, Ferenbaugh RW (1986) Critical comparison of X-ray fluorescence and combustion infrared methods for the determination of sulphur in biological matrices. Analyst 111:105-106 Bray CJ, Spooner ETC (1992) Fluid inclusion volatile analysis by gas-chromatography with photoionization micro-thermal conductivity detectors - applications to magmatic MoS2 and other H2O-CO2 and H2O-CH4 fluids.

1997); 550 ± 25 ppm (Ihinger et al. 1994), 560±60 ppm (Evans et al. 2008) and 693±69 ppm (Jochum et al. 2006) by SIMS; and 550±40 ppm (Guillong et al. 2008a) and 634±151 ppm (Fitzpatrick et al. 2008) by LA-ICP-SFMS. Mandeville (pers. ) reports that a value of 550±50 ppm sulfur for NIST SRM 610 is typically returned by electron microprobe analyses when anhydrite and barite are used as calibration standards and all of the sulfur is assumed to be present as the SO4 species. It is likely that the range of reported values for NIST SRM 610 largely represents calibration and measurement errors of the methods used, but it is also possible that some of the range reflects actual intrinsic variability in the sulfur concentrations of NIST SRM 610 material on the tens of micrometer scale.

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